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Room Service Software Solution

Healthcare in the 21st century is more than meeting the needs of your patients, your goal is to exceed customer expectations and excel in patient satisfaction. DFM's Room Service software solutions equips you with the means to provide Five Star meal services not only to patients, but to employees and guests as well.

Here's How it Might Work for You!

A customized "Room Service" Menu is created for patients, employees and/or guests and distributed to the patient room and/or unit. The availability of individual menu items on each menu may be unlimited, or restricted by diet or time of day.

Customers place their order by dialing the published room service telephone number whenever they are ready to order a meal or just something to eat. Room Service call receptionists are able to:

  • View the foods that the patient/customer is allowed (by diet, time of day and/or allergy restrictions) and make recommendations if the customer needs assistance choosing compatible items.
  • Type text messages that will print on the meal ticket to facilitate delivery.
  • Enter selections for future meals and specify the date/time for the meal to be served.
  • Easily add "write-ins" to a meal ticket.

Meals and/or individual food items may be ordered for immediate delivery or to be delivered at a later date/time. Meal tickets print in one or more locations, each containing all or selected menu items you decide which is best for your operation. For example, you may choose to have hot food prep items only print on the kitchen receipt for make-to-order entrees and side dishes. Salads and desserts may print on a receipt in the cold food prep area. In the Room Service setup area you may want all items ordered to print on the ticket to ensure that nothing is missed in overall meal assembly and service.

Room service tickets can be reviewed on-line and reprinted if necessary. "House diet" and/or "pre-selected" tickets for patients who do not participate in room service are automatically printed in batches at predetermined times. The system will report any patient who has not received a meal so no one will slip through the cracks unnoticed.

Additional features are included in DFM's Room Service for employee and guest services:

  • Employees have the flexibility to pay cash or use payroll deduction for their purchase
  • Employee meals can be expressed as delivery or pickup
  • Employees who pickup their meal may have a discount applied
  • Employees and guests can order from the same or different menus with separate pricing structures
  • Guest meals may be billable or "complimentary"

Opportunities with Room Service Automation…

  • Patients order only the foods they plan to eat, minimizing tray waste.
  • Patients order food whenever they want it, rather than be subjected to predefined meal times for their nursing unit.
  • Patients order from a less restrictive menu and learn what they can and cannot eat when they are discharged. Room Service call receptionists can personally recommend alternative menu selections that are more suitable to the patients diet if inappropriate selections are ordered.
  • Patients are monitored by the Room Service system for frequency of orders. Patients who do not order during a specified period of time are reported for dietary evaluation – no one gets lost.
  • Employees who have a limited amount of time for meals, or who work a distance from the cafeteria, may have meals delivered right to their work area. This ensures that all employees have equal access to meal services regardless of their work load or job location.
  • Payroll deduction options enhance the employee benefit package and remove the "cash only" barrier to meal service opportunities.
  • Employees who choose to pickup their meal, rather than have it delivered, can receive a discount on the total meal cost.
  • Guests may conveniently dine in the room with their patient family member, enhancing customer service and patient satisfaction.
  • Food prepared on a "made-to-order" basis enhances the perception of freshness and quality.
  • Perception of "personal service" is enhanced through individualized ordering and one-on-one meal delivery by Room Service hostesses.

Enhance Your Room Service Capabilities with DFM's Tray Tracking Module

Easily track your tray delivery process with our Tray Tracking add-on module. The implementation of a scanner at each tray destination ensures that trays are being delivered to patients on time and at a safe temperature.  

  • Track the status of all trays from trayline assembly through delivery
    with multiple destination scanning capabilities
  • Download data in seconds to review all trays delivered
  • Exceptional reports enable you to review trays delivered and average time between tracking points
  • Effectively evaluate delivery timing & performance, namely: number of trays delivered, number of trays under "default" time, number of trays over "default" time, average delivery time and more!

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